navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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you didn’t want more poetry… but that’s what you’re getting!

it’s going to take me four years to recover from a Trump presidency
which is the time we’re being given a break
between his two terms in office

when Trump was acquitted
God was aSTARTED
heeez ready to make some head-way

the more sparingly you meet out validation
the more people take stock in it
when it is given

statisticians are trying to tell us
young people are dying of suicide
but in reality
they’re dying of an allergic reaction
to septic late stage capitalism

the thing you can take away from people
that will do the most long term harm
is hope

do Christians and Muslems worship the same god
**checkes if they hate gays**
yeah they do

it’s up to us
to determine if we will will do the work
to be virtuous enough
to produce a world
that actually becomes worth living in

being an un person
is like a fire that is starved of oxygen
(neither your belief or disbelief in a god
ignites anything positive)

remember, when judging whether religion is helpful
you only see what that person’s religiosity does for you
not what it does to them

God told me to kill myself, drink piss, and date a woman out of my league
so far i’ve only done the middle one
but the first one is much more likely to happen
than the last

i think like Satan
just tear shit apart
without even the awareness of mercy