navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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you didn’t ask for more poetry and we delivered!

calibrate your hate!!!!
the protestant Vatican hates those of us with disabilities
that is why they are speaking over us
to shore up the narrative
because left unvarnished
disability works like an armor of God piercing bullet
through the faith

more than we are led to believe
is a zero sum game between self and other
it’s the volume dial on your stereo
the louder it goes the more pleasure you get
at the expense of the people downstairs
who tell you to turn it down

the less market value you possess
the harder socializing is
because you don’t possess the life gems
like houses, good jobs, and SO’s
that are fodder for polite conversation
so you are invisible

we can determine where a black hole is
by observing the stars that disappear into it
just like we can determine the fallout of a confidence
by the drawing away that often happens afterwards

i wish i could take a mental health day
where my brain takes a vacation from self-thinking
(I think that’s why people like me
are usually hooked on drugs and alcohol)

my heart burns like the grassland
my mind burns like the forest
my soul burns like the swamp


let the sky do its thing

we are all finger puppets on God’s hand

what do i say to the wolf?

the sinner and the sin like the conjoined twins
(not separating)

i want to kill myself almost as much as God does

all i care about is the way i feel

it’s better not to know

i study poison for a living (psychology)

no time to lick your wounds

baby there’s no way out

life is larger than me

knowing tomorrow is going to be worse