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What is True?

There are a lot of people trying to make truth claims.  The irony is the more they shove bullshit down your throat the more obvious the actual truth becomes.

Something is true if those in power are doing everything in their power to convince you that it’s false.  Why do those of power and privilege encourage you to pray but discourage you from community organizing and collective bargaining.  They know the former won’t harm them but the latter could.

If something’s true it comes into play at critical junctures such as a job interview or a date.  Yes you can lie your way through either but the point is even in your lies you are showing them truth (because being able to put up a front is a valuable skill).  If you have a disability it’s going to manifest itself the most acutely at these critical junctures and cost you the most dearly.

Things that are true have a heavy influence on the cadence of communication.  As the status differential increased between me and my close friends they stopped returning my messages.  They would never tell me directly that they no longer wanted to engage me because of my low status (plausible deniability!) but their actions and cadence showed what they really thought.

Things that are true are generally backed by empirical evidence.  This should go without saying but some people think things shoved into your brain via force and conditioning are the most true (things like consumerism and religion).  Society is extremely uncomfortable with people who think for themselves because they are harder to market to (70% of the economy revolves around consumer spending).

Things that are true are ugly or beautiful.  According to the Greeks truth correlated with beauty.  It is very difficult to come away from good art without finding some semi-objective standard of beauty (not that everyone agrees upon what is good art, just that lots of people cluster around different forms of good art).  Things that are true can be incredibly ugly as well but it is important to realize that they capture you without being pushed on you.

Truth points to an objective system of morality.  I’m starting to sound like Pat Robertson but there is a certain moral framework all of us can agree on.  Forces reacting against organized religion may have muddled things but while lots of us recoil at the concept of sin we can largely agree on what is evil.  Not to say all morality is absolute, a lot varies from culture to culture but we can all agree that slavery, killing, and torture is evil.  Of course doing what’s right is always the hardest thing.