navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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voice that won’t betray me

Unreal 2 by Purple Motion [YouTube]

God might send my heart to heaven
but he is going to send my brain STRAIGHT TO HELL
for thinking things it’s NOT SUPPOSED TO
(my brain drives my heart, it gets to override
anything coming from there)

true love is the opposite of stretching
if it doesn’t hurt you’re doing it wrong

“man’s greatest virtue
is God’s greatest vice”

most of modern life is living inside the whirlwind of dueling psychologies
and the lower down you are the more intense the storm is
(because the idea that you have innate worth is shown to be a lie while
while being lied to that it’s true is most intense)

being a failure is like getting your eyes dilated
the things of this world grow strangely bright!

love doesn’t usually win
but it often dies trying

Carin, she¬†was the voice in my head that didn’t betray me
God, not so much