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Uncomfortable Questions Subreddit

You can visit a sister site, uncomfortable questions (and comment on them if you have a Reddit account) for generally loaded questions like this:

Why do people get so up in arms about people having imaginary friends while being indifferent of the fact that these people don’t have any real ones?

Why do both God and the devil (and their kind) refuse to be measured? Wouldn’t one of them submit to measurement to get the upper hand in their battle for our souls?

Why do people bend over backwards to support those with cancer but not do the same for chronic conditions like diabetes? Does it have something to do with the perceived threat of eminent death?

How do you justify telling people to follow the voice of God, particularly in light of the fact that those with more fragile mental health may do so in weakened mental states with catastrophic results?

Physical pain’s neurologically designed so that one cannot ignore it. Does modern anger/bitterness have this kind of property?

How can you make empirical claims about what God will do in certain situations and then tell people not to “put God to the test” validating them?

If we were forced to make the choice, would we treat our cats like we treat our pigs or our pigs like we treat our cats?

People will experience the same things but for some it will turn them into more of an everyman and others it will turn them into less of one. How would one be more like the former?

Why is suffering framed as a test of the individual’s character but not as a test of the character of those around her (ie. testing whether those people won’t drop out of her life like flies or turn against her)?


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