navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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the supernatural

<<<my self>>>
is the only protection i have
against the experience of the supernatural (sewer-pernatural?)
God, Satan, and all the rest
they have little in common
except for their hatred of me

is often a polite and urbane way
of saying one is getting fucked over by the supernatural

the supernatural protects some (usually hardcore atheists) from itself
those people experience 0 of it

The popularity of Pokemon Go has gotten me thinking about augmented reality and how the supernatural is an invisible layer superimposed on the physical world just like the world of Pokemon Go.  Of course in Pokemon Go anyone with an Android or iPhone gains a window into that world.  The actual supernatural is incredibly cagey and works almost the opposite of Pokemon Go and other augmented reality apps.  You generally have to believe in the supernatural to see it and it doesn’t avail itself on demand just by pulling out your smartphone.  It’s a lot more like the street.  Within 8 hours of being on the street predators already are aware of a runaway’s predicament and start swarming.  Like the street the supernatural is not a world where conventional smarts will do you much good.