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The Business to Business / Business to Consumer Psychology Divide

Dell sells laptops.  They have business models that are a little tougher and the have consumer models that have more features for the price point.  Whether you are a business to consumer client of Dell or a business to business client you are still getting a laptop.  Just one optimized for different use cases.

Psychology is not like this at all.  A business to business (b2b) psychologist will tell their client the opposite of what a business to consumer (b2c) psychologist will.  A b2b psychologist might be hired by an advertising firm to create messages that make women insecure about their appearance in order to get them to buy the firm’s client’s products.  A b2c psychologist will tell a paying client that their worth comes from something other than their physical appearance.  The point is psychologists are saying opposite things depending who is on the payroll.  They are hired guns, psychology might take advantage of science and truth but it itself is neither.