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The Broken Thread of Culture

I am fascinated by the evolution of religion, things like a separate god being called upon for people when they are underground.  Santa Muerte really fascinates me though I know Native American spirituality is not something to dabble in.   This article on the decay of culture starts out with a new ad hoc religion homeless children in Miami have formed:

God, according to Dade County’s homeless children, is missing in action; demons stormed Heaven a while back and God hasn’t been seen since. The mother of Christ murdered her son and morphed into the terrifying Bloody Mary, a nightmare being who weeps blood from eyeless sockets and seeks out children to kill them.  Opposing her is a mysterious spirit from the ocean who takes the form of a blue-skinned woman, and who can protect children who know her secret name. The angels, though driven out of Heaven, haven’t given up; they carry on their fight against the demons from a hidden camp in the jungle somewhere outside Miami, guarded by friendly alligators who devour hostile intruders. The spirits of children who die in Dade County’s pervasive gang warfare can go to the camp and join the war against the demons, so long as someone who knows the stories puts a leaf on their graves.

I listen to a lot of Insane Clown Posse, songs like “Dead Body Man“.  The fact that I like them so much shows things inside of me have been in a state of decay.