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Shaming Unworking Men

NYTimes article on men not working:

Mr. Eberstadt would also like to intensify social pressure on the cadre of men who have stopped looking for work. “Why haven’t we had the same sort of conversation about stigmatizing or shaming unworking men that we had 20 years ago about mothers on welfare?” he said. “They were not idle; they had little kids.”

Hahahahahahaha!  As a man without a real job I get shamed all the time.  I’ve been called a charity case by my brother and law and my closest friend from college dropped out of my life because I’m low status.  One of the conservative tropes I do think is relevant is “culture of work”.  My family and friends have a huge culture of work.  If I was in a different situation where few people worked perhaps I wouldn’t feel so bad.