navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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the therapeutic-industrial complex
demonizes dependence
medicalizes malaise
pathologizes perception
and trumps truth

you’re not only not allowed to believe certain things
you’re not even allowed to believe
you’re not allowed to believe these things

how much advanced notice you give someone
shows how much respect you have for them

with asperger syndrome
it’s as hard to make imaginary friends
as it is to make real ones

God never existed (in any reachable form)
but i could still believe in him
until i started losing the parts of myself to mental illness
that allowed me to simulate interacting with him

when the chips are down God won’t leave you
but you might leave you
and you’ll no longer be able to pretend God is there

as an autistic
reading “God’s” mind
is as hard as reading animal entrails
(I don’t have social skills to project
on the infinite)

suffering in one’s life
good things would have come out of it
if the good people would have stayed in it

i asked Jesus into my brain
he didn’t come
so he bled out my heart