navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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poetry: two, four, and raging

love is like aloha (which means hello and goodbye)
it means two opposite things
at once

God is one
but the devil has won

i seem quiet
what I present is the eye of the storm
soon you will see the rest of it

I am a rogue planet
I don’t orbit any star
I just drift through interstellar space
cold and invisible

like an alien
bursting out of a man’s chest
the specific
bursting out of the general

all that’s needed to make the world right
is love people like they’re fictional characters
and love God like he’s real

scorn and bitterness tango
what a happy couple!

when drawing a four
the elbow sets the stage
but the last line…
that’s slitting my throat

a love that damns
is better than a hate that saves