navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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poetry to power and disability

when the whole world has always said “you can’t”
and when, despite your best efforts, you say “I didn’t”
its a sad demoralization
to overcome prejudice
sometimes your best is still not enough

only the disabled
recognize how precious and life giving
conformity can be
because only we know the ostracism and scorn
that befalls us when we can’t

the idea that God is near to those at the margins is unfalsifiable
because those at the margins have no voice
so anyone experiencing the opposite is shut up rather quickly

the room doesn’t lie
you can tell people’s opinion of you by taking it in the aggregate
(but CBT therapy, complete bullshit transfer, will force you to discard this information)

humanism was mainly for the humans in power
because for them virtue is completely optional
humanism was design to goad them towards choosing that option

the one with the most power
is not the one who makes the decision for you
but the one who forces you to choose in the first place

why would you assume
that those who went through suffering
with their powers of articulation intact
would speak on behalf of those who didn’t?

sometimes the word itself answers the question of its definition
when you are forgiven
that meant you made the other party give in

a lot of abuse
is just punishment
for being disabled

don’t pray for me
treat me as if my prayers had actually worked