navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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poetry time!

capitalism is an open air prison

the thing modern psychology and religion hate the most
is you owning your poor self image
because this keeps you from renting it from them

could signs and wonders be decoupled from revelation?
Prophet Yaweh was able to call specks into the sky
and he had a bunch of crazy UFO theories on God

modern psychology likes to guilt those of us with disabilities
who let our disability define us
I say “how can’t it define me”
my disability is the first thing people notice when they see me
it’s the reason people won’t hire me
it’s the reason I’m treated like shit in church
and it’s the reason, in a room, people talk to everyon but me
(the idea that you get to define you becomes hard to swallow
when doing so means pushing back against literally EVERYTHING)

people bemoan the lack of kindness in the world
while not taking into account the fact that kindness
and being a winner are often mutually exclusive
because modern life is very competitive
and you often have to play dirty to get ahead

after your heart gets broken
everything that should go there
gets rerouted to your brain
(which makes for a totally different person)

depression puts your brain in Chinese handcuffs
the harder you think
the tighter they get

hearts are like meat
the more tender they are
the more enjoyable they are to devour

the lower you go
the more your life resembles war
your responsibility is to hold territory
and the rest of the world’s responsibility is to hurt you for doing so

call me infantile
but I want my reward NOW
I don’t trust later

if the power of religion came from God
and not belief
it would sustain you
even while you were losing your belief

so let’s be clear
if the hope God promises to give you never materializes
you’re on the hook for the sin of despair?