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poetry on the bride of Christ

if i were an organ in the body of Christ
it would be the appendix
because i make the rest of the members of the body so uncomfortable
they cut me right out

when the church abdicates the responsibility to care for the poor
and the government steps in and takes its place
Christians are livid and try to cut that government programs
while letting those affected by the cuts whither on the vine

if God was close to the people nobody talked to in church
they would be talked to in church

at best, Christians would say
suffering metabolizes personality into character
well guess what,
character doesn’t get you talked to at church

People with disabilities are kryptonite for prayer
We bring the total success score of the church’s prayers down

whether you are treated well in church
depends on whether you ADD TO God

when the church, God, and the devil are all saying the same things to me
i know all thr33 fuckers are lying
(that’s why they don’t let me around 17 story ledges)

the part of the body of Christ that usually holds the power
is the asshole