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Poetry on Old Scratch

you know the devil is evil
because you take the d away
and all you have is evil

Christians don’t understand
if the devil can’t own your soul
he can always rent it

wherever God is once
the devil is twice

the devil’s most overlooked vice

if the devil is holding his breath today
it just means he’s going to breathe on you harder

Satan would much rather have you worship yourself than himself

Satan lives in hell but he sure as fuck doesn’t stay there

idle hands are the devil’s workshop
but a rejecting church is Satan’s paradise

when you get attacked enough
you get antibodies for the devil
even as it weakens you permanently

Man is needed
for Satan’s hate to incubate
because evil comes commensurate with good
but the devil can only be the former

God is the sun
and the devil is the moon
(the devil gives no light, he only takes it)
and the devil appears larger
because he’s so much closer to us

Satan’s pal’s evil power pales
in comparison to evil men’s

the name of God is just a lure
for a thousand devils to rush in
so many gods turn out to be the devil
(now I understand that God and Satan sit right next to each other on the radio dial
and both sound the same to the ear of those who aren’t super careful)

when your mentally healthy
your brain keeps God and Satan apart like wolves held by the ears
when mentally ill not so much

with normality it’s
shut the door
keep out the devil
with mental illness it’s
shut the door
keep in the devil

you can’t kill Satan
because Satan is inside the bullet

the devil is a gentleman to those everyone else is a gentleman to
fall further down and all his errs are off

i saw God guiding the devil’s hand
as Satan swung the lobotomus poker to and fro
taking out large swaths of my being

God dies in our trauma
and Satan is resurrected

Satan stole God’s cellphone
and started messaging me
God took the phone back and apologized
I forgave God
but never would I trust him again

the devil and i
had a staring contest
we locked eyes
he won
and got the hope behind mine

it was debatable
whether God or the devil
were more of a coward
for not showing them self
to the scientists, so they could make an informed decision
on who to follow
but maybe they’re just both too powerful
to show them selves to pieces of shit like us
and we’re supposed to respect what we do in humans
that silence=power

God is one
but the devil has won