navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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Poetry Old and New

like the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
has DON’T PANIC printed on front
the Bible should have
printed on the front

sanity is a spectrum
some times it’s better to be on one side
or the other
than aimlessly bouncing around the middle

what religion boils down to
is a way to get people to believe
the best is always yet to come

if you are perfectly atomized
following all of Jesus’ teachings
will make you miserable
while following all of Satan’s
will have you feeling great

just as a quantum particle is changed
by you measuring it
a person is changed
by you labeling them

i’m a piece of shit
but i’m not allowed to believe it
(((i’m not allowed to bounce my thoughts off their thoughts)))

remember i am a sopping wet sacrifice turning into a
putrid rotting carcass while you are told to wait and hope
(15 years and only got one janitor job i didn’t take because i thought i could do better)

tying desperately needed moral teaching
to superstition
was nailing the life boat
to the main ship

I tried to cash out my faith
they looked at me funny and said there was a penalty for early withdrawal
and they wouldn’t let me see the balance
faith was like one of those quantum particles that disappears upon observation

I am an unperson
I am a constellation of thoughts, drives, and emotions
with no center
I don’t hold grudges, grudges hold me
I don’t think, my thoughts think themselves

(sadness due to individual as well as collective situations)
remember that love is like quantum entanglement
it means a part of your heart will break
from something that could be happening
thousands of miles away