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when God created a person with a disability
he stamped “I hate you” into their very being
so it’s no mystery that Christians’ politics
are so turned against those of us with disabilities

almost everything positive everyone believes is a noble lie
and how high you are in society
determines whether these lies work in your favor
(for example the idea people have innate worth
works well for pretty people because they would rather believe
it than the truth that they are just getting by on their looks)

noble lies are usually true for the speaker
and false for the recipient

Christians seem to think suffering is redemptive
well it can be
just like the lottery can be won
but crowing about either
does not make them happen any more often

I asked God for help
but I wasn’t there
synthesizing him being there
so I never got any

some people whose brains end up all over the wall
just had trouble fitting a whole church in their brain
those people sniveling and rejecting
telling them they were going to burn if they disagreed and felt different
blaming them for not seeing what they were told to

the God head has levers his people get to control!
that make him open and shut his mouth and romp around the earth
so what are you waiting for?
get up into that mech!
(The supporters of Trump
made the jump into JESUS!!!!)

waiting is our daily taste of death