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poetry about brains

success is just being better at your brain
than your brain is at you

your brain is not a muscle
in that things that strain your mental health generally don’t make you stronger
they just weaken you the way a concussion does
so that the next hit doesn’t have to be so hard to do the same amount of damage

(being exposed to the truth!)
things that exercise your brain
make it hurt
when it’s out of shape

your brain needs to be a perfect ten
to make religion work inside of/for you
(busts out the miss brain USA ribbon)
(God judges people by the brain they
were born with the same way men
judge women by their faces and bodies)
YOU need a fountain in your brain
chemicals running over
to make the cognitive tricks you play in the middle
so that you can sense God loving you
then you have to astroturf the bad things
and forgive the bad people
in your life
in an effort to make things make sense in hindsight
(of course romanticizing suffering is mainly done to
make those who suffer less [who generally have power]
comfortable with your suffering)
(forgiveness is just a cognitive trick you play to try to
get over a wrong while defering to the person who wrongs
[who generally has power])

people can bring you to religion
but only your brain can use it to find (conjure?) God!
(praise the brain!)

suffering coats your brain with teflon
so the stuff before it happened sticks
and the stuff afterwards just slides off

(for those trying to proselytize)
if you aren’t going to be the one there to
scrape my brains off the walls after i blow them out
your sales pitch doesn’t mean jack shit to me