navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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poetry 12 24

pointing to Jesus
in defense of Christianity
is like pointing to the product packaging
in defense of a product’s quality

when you admit you’re suicidal to someone you want
that relationship generally kills itself

(don’t lean against your invisible cage in a way that creates a posture that couldn’t be maintained solely by your own balance)
you can’t out the beliefs that you’re not allowed to hold
because then the powerless would catch on that these beliefs were empowering

the gospel is fresh water
to those who are being redeemed
and salt water
to those who are perishing

suffering is measured with an odometer
the short distance is comedic
the longer distance is tragic
and the longest distance flips back to being comedic

you can tell you are in a hallucination
when you’re right too much of the time

when you’re mentally ill
God and the devil
are like wires of a bomb
and you never know where to cut

there’s a surefire way to test the character of someone you’re in a relationship with