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Here is an email I wrote to a company that discriminated against me on the basis of disability.  I was fully qualified for the job but did not get it.  They kept the position open awhile after so I know they didn’t find someone better.

You may or may not remember me but I applied for a job at your shop in ’08 and was not hired.  At the time I thought it was disability discrimination, now I’m not as sure, but the whole process of being fully qualified for a job and not getting it hurt and demoralized me so much that, after another year and a half of unsuccessful interviews, I gave up and went on disability.

All this to say you pay an individual with a disability either way.  You hire them and get an honest day’s work from them or you don’t and your taxes go to keeping them on the dole.  I have cost the government ~$20k in payments and ~$32k in insurance expenses.  I’m not particularly proud of this either–I’d rather build a life in a way that would elicit respect from my fellow man.

You guys do good work and I’m sure will stay in business for a long time.

I actually still work some but don’t get insurance with my job so to keep my insurance I have to claim I’m disabled.