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online friendship

A prominent Christian anarchist (who was actually at my closest friend from college’s wedding) stated that one cannot be friends with someone with online-only interaction.  I believed this until today.  Yes online interaction might not be the ideal most incarnational medium to form relationships but for someone like me who was moved to a city five and a half years ago and has not made a single real-life friend here online friends are a godsend… even if I’ll never see them in real life.

One Response to online friendship

  1. Avatar Arcblade
    Arcblade says:

    Yeah, your anarchist friend’s statement is bullshit. Sorry. I’m glad you found this out yourself. My first friend who deserved that title lives in England. I’ve never seen his face, never hugged him, and he was and is a good person and a friend. He’s the reason I learned to consider myself as a somewhat worthwhile person- because he gave a crap, even though I was a stupid insecure teenager.

    Don’t care what your friend thinks he knows. I know a friend when they stick their neck out for me like that, again and again.