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No Fail Safe, No Feel Safe!

In order for me to feel safe I need to have fail safes in place which is pretty much the opposite of how God works. God promises he will never fail you and then sets the rhetorical stage so that no matter what he does it’s impossible for him to do so. Any situation where God appears to fail is chalked up to your senses failing to grasp how he is—in fact—succeeding (as if God’s people dropping out of your life and staying away aren’t sign enough that things aren’t going according to “God’s plan”). On the other hand, in a fail safe there is a clear cut specific delineation of what constitutes a failure. It’s a guarantee that if someone doesn’t come through with what they promised, something will automatically be triggered (it’s the plan B that gives the plan A an incentive to work). For example a pizza delivery that becomes free if it doesn’t arrive in a half an hour. As someone on the autistic spectrum I need routine and predictability fail safes afford me. I’d rather have a god who was safe than a god who claims to do what’s best.