navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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stemming is meditating
for those of us who CAN’T FIND GOD
in our brain OR out of it

a cynic is someone who sees the world
with a level of accuracy
that makes others uncomfortable

people who say God is near
those his people are drawing away from
are lying

interactions after 40 are 4T, transnational
all but the luckiest of us has so much emotional baggage
that when we interact a good portion of the time it is transnational
one person emotionally giving, the other emotionally taking
and this pushes us away from wanting to interact with each other

a lot of intellectuals say God isn’t
well I say God is NT
the same soft skills used to interact with people
are used to interact with God
your emotions have to function a certain way
in order for any divine positive interaction to happen
plus you need the church to not treat you like crap
which is a rarity for those on the spectrum