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Money in Your Brain

I want more money. Money in the real world lets you go on all kinds of fun trips (at least pre-COVID) and gives you all kinds of health and security.

Money in your brain does something similar, you can spend it to produce beliefs in happy delusions. That’s why religious people refer to faith as a gift. It’s actually not a gift, it’s paid for by money in your brain.

Just as it is hard to make money in this economy that is going to Hades, it’s hard to get money in your brain. You have to have had a lot of positive experiences or have a brain that is really good at playing cognitive tricks.

The younger generation is less trusting and religious and more mentally ill so I surmise that they don’t have much money in their brain.

Some poems:

learning how to think critically
can actually deplete your brain of money
because happy delusions melt away
(assuming you didn’t have an abusive childhood
you start out with a lot of money in your brain like monopoly)

the way to be saved by “grace”
is to have looks in your heart
and money in your brain

if you have money in your brain
you can buy astroturf, to astroturf the bad things
so things make sense in hindsight
you can buy the ability to play cognitive tricks
so you can make lemonade out of cyenide