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Mind Games, Authority Figures, and Authority Narratives

Want to play mind games?  Then you need to buy into a figure of authority who are trying to get you to play them.  Until then trying to play their mind games is a fruitless exercise.  I say you must buy in to figures of authority, this is different than mere respect.  One can respect someone simply because of the threat of corporal punishment or abuse, but this doesn’t mean one buys into the authority of said person.  Buying is an act of will in some respects and not one in others.  Conditions need to be ripe for buying in but the actual act is often outside of one’s conscious awareness.  Said authority figure provides you with an authority narrative.  The question of whether or not you can play mind games with said narrative is very similar to the question of whether or not you get the placebo response from having faith in something.  It’s something that happens naturally, almost magically.

For example the NY Times ran an article on sleep therapy.  Basically one needs someone in authority (a therapist) to tell one to play mind games to get them to sleep.  But these games only work if one buys into the authority of the therapist.  I don’t buy into the authority of therapists because I had one that led me away from Christianity (not that I wouldn’t have gotten away from it on my own).  I am forced to see them because of my mental illness and recognize their authority through coercion but I don’t buy in to it.