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Lesson: Metadata

Often in social interactions the metadata is the most important and poignant part of the interaction (metadata is the data that precedes and describes the main data).  In the case of social interactions the metadata are things like your age, your gender, your looks, and your social status.  Depending on what metadata you possess you will be treated very differently.  This will happen before you have a chance to open your mouth.  What comes out of your mouth is often the least important thing because you have already been judged.  People don’t like to admit this because we are taught that one is judged by the content of their character (which includes what comes out of one’s mouth) not what they have to offer.

The metadata goes into serious overdrive when attempting any type of mating interaction.  In these cases whether or not someone communicates is communication in and of itself.  The content of said communication is less important.