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Lesson: At the Store

Sometimes people on the spectrum’s mannerisms mimic shoplifters.  Follow these tips to be safer.  These tips apply for anyone, especially anyone who is not clean cut, neurotypical and white.

  • If possible don’t bring a backpack into a store.  It raises suspicion.
  • Never put merchandise you are going to purchase in your cloths or jacket pockets.  You may forget it on the way out of the store.
  • Always have a question ready in case an employee asks you if you need help.  A lot of times they are watching for shoplifting.
  • The answer to, “do you want a bag for this”, is always yes.  Sometimes you will be able to purchase things in a different area of a store (for example the electronics section at Meijer).  You always need to have a bag with a receipt in it because this shows onlookers you made the purchase.  You could get stopped without a bag and if you lost your receipt you could be in big trouble.

The store (particularly big box stores) are not a kind place for those on the spectrum with the crowds, fluorescent lights, and store equipment beeping their trouble tones everywhere.