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Internet Fame

One of my posts on disability and the church from Intercision got on Cindy’s blog, I guess it’s a prominent Christian blog.  She even writes some for Sojourners and The Huffington Post.  I found her through the OneWheaton.  I’m grateful for the minor internet fame but wish the things I actually put work into got famous like my weather graph site.  Back in 1999 I made a JavaScript engine that did all kinds of fancy search things (like letting you search by keyword reference [for example typing ebay Pokemon would search eBay for Pokemon products]).  Firefox has that functionality now though you have to set up the engines manually.  This engine also popped multiple windows for queries when you separated terms by comma.  This was back before Google where people routinely searched many engines for things (because engines had different strengths).  Also the engine I made had an ActiveDesktop component so you could dock it as a widget on your Windows 98 or 2000 computer.  This search engine I made was never popular at all.