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hope is social

One of the things that will offend your pastor and especially your therapist is the idea that hope is social.  The proof for this is how people draw away from those without hope (that’s been the story of almost all my interaction with the church).  The thing the modern psychology hates about hope being social is it posits that the more hyper individualistic a society is, the less hope there is in it (particularly for those at the bottom).  This remains true controlling for other things that make people happy such as wealth.  The second problem with hope being social is it asks something of us, to take a hit on our personal happiness in the name of collective happiness of the community.  That’s not something modern psychology is keen on.

We can view this by contrasting the help people need verses the help modern psychology offers.  Not to knock modern psychology, people really benefit from it, but its help becomes so limited in furnishing a hopeful future.

“hope is social” help modern psychology’s help
a ride to the store
a hot, home cooked meal
a friend
several hours of company
imperative to love and be loved by others
ability to think for oneself
a path to virtue
feel loved
expression of our shared sorrow
someone visiting you in the hospital
reasons to live
training on playing cognitive tricks
forced autonomy
itinerat counsel
company until the 45 minutes is up
imperitive to love yourself
ability to think one is thinking for themself
navel gazing self interest
get “healthy”
expression of our personal depression
hospitalization for unclear thinking
suicide prevention