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gramblings on “aid in dying”

“Aid in dying” is often dressed up in compassionate cloths when it’s really just a way for the state and private insurers to save on end-of-life care (which comprises a large chunk of healthcare spending).  The state would never leave people the power to conveniently and painlessly end their own life.   It’s in the state’s power to pull you into (capital punishment) or push you away (suicide attempt hospitalizations) from death.  They would never give this power up.  Imagine, after being denied badly-needed pain treatment, you could just walk into a place and be put to sleep like a dying house cat.  You could never do this because as an able-bodied citizen you still have the potential and obligation to be a net gain for society.  However, once you are enough of a net drain on society “aid in dying” options open up.  Unsurprisingly I buy arguments from disability rights organizations like Not Dead Yet.  It’s human nature not to give people power over their own death.  Even if you enact a law that pretends to it doesn’t magically change human nature.  It’s like enacting a law banning sex and expecting everyone to remain chaste.  Liberals have a lot of good ideas but don’t have a firm grasp on human nature, specifically the depravity of man.