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Long long ago in web time there used to be a happy medium between the advertisers on a web page and the readers.  It was called the escape key.  You could press it and the animations would stop (this is before Flash came along) making reading tolerable.  Fast forward to today and we have an arms race between advertisers and ad blocking software.

I use ad blocking software and feel guilty about it as ads are the way many sites are paid for.  But without it I have a hard time reading the content.  If there were a way to press ESC and stop all animations on a page I’d be much more inclined to put up with ads.

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  1. Avatar Arcblade
    Arcblade says:

    AdBlock Plus has a feature that allows you to whitelist ads on some sites. So if you know advertisers that aren’t horrible, or know the site doesn’t host ads like that, you can whitelist that page or that advertising site. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s /a/ solution.