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  • Repeated Albums

    These are the two albums I listen to over and over again.

    Durufle Requiem (Robert Shaw Atlanta SO version) – some of the best classical choral arrangements, there is so much going on that it keeps things fresh.

    A Hidden Wholeness by Luke Brindley – This is an album for orphaned believers if there ever was one.  You really have to pay attention to the lyrics to get the full effect of this album.  A Christian site gave it a good review.  It’s not a Christian album, it’s not a non Christian album, it’s kind of somewhere in the nether regions between the two.  Ultimately it’s about struggling through life without giving up hope, something I do not practice in my own life.

  • Purple Motion

    One of my favorite tracker artists of all time Purple Motion just released his CD on Spotify.  You can see a YouTube Version.

    Tracker music was from the Amiga days when you had a lot of synthesized instruments and sampled ones.  The parameters made for a really unique sound.  I owned an Amiga 600 so part of it is nostalgia.

  • Music in My 30’s

    I am 35 and passionate about music.  I don’t know how to write about it which is why I don’t.  The two acts I’ve gotten into coming into my 30’s are Low and King Creosote. Low is not a Christian band but two thirds of the members are Christian, they had an interesting interview here.  King Creosote not so much but has a heart akin to mine.

    YouTube embeds follow below:

    I found Low through Rhapsody, specifically their album Trust and liked a few tracks of it right out of college but didn’t really start getting into them until around 30.  King Creosote I found Kenny and Beth’s Musikal Boat Rides on hard drive of pirated music that my big brother was having me remove duplicate tracks from.

  • negative symptoms

    negative symptoms
    are radioactive decay
    of a part of yourself
    into nothing

    One thing people gloss over in the whole mental illness thing (because it doesn’t have negative social effects for anyone but the sufferer) are negative symptoms.  These are parts of yourself that the metal illness destroys permanently.  In my life I see less and less of myself by the year.  Not many other people see this because there was so much of myself that I hid from everyone.  But potential friends see it right away which is part of the reason I haven’t made a single friend since moving here five years ago.  Part of friendship is the person’s image of you in their mind comes largely from when they first met you.  That’s why I made friends when I was in school and had a job because I was more of a person then and was connected to worth-making entities.

    I liken a life being destroyed by negative symptoms to a dog that is tied to a leash around around a tree.  As time goes by he gets the leash wrapped around the tree more and more, giving him less room to roam.

    A song I wrote about negative symptoms.

  • Musicool

    I think a dynamic musicians fail to take into account with regards to determining their success is the coolness of their fans.  If one’s fans are cool said fans are going to be much more potent in spreading the message of an act’s greatness.  I say this as someone who is the antithesis to cool.  I like Starflyer 59, a band that has great music but never was cool because it was in the no man’s land between the Christian and secular space.  My new favorite act is Molly Marlette.  But having a thirty three year old forever alone liking your music might not help you much.