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Advantages Christianity Confers Specifically to Males

Being Christian and male is a winning combination and not just because women like it!

The ability to shift between magical and logical thinking at will shows mental fitness.  At the bottom of the fitness ladder we have the person with the mental illness whose magical thinking whips him around and dashes him against the rocks.  In the middle we have the atheist who can’t turn off his rational thought processes when running against illogic.  Then you have the Christian who has the shape-shifting power to transition in and out of magical thinking at will.  Specifically the feat of “experiencing God’s leading” is a one of mental strength that not everyone is born with or can cultivate (because you have to act between certain parameters, none of which you are told; and if you go outside of them you are shot down and in some cases are up for the loony house).

The ability to compartmentalize Christianity generally requires is useful other places.  Most versions of Christianity require you to compartmentalize, believe in a lot of ridiculous things like people burning for eternity for disagreeing with you, but really just believing these things on paper (because if you really believed in a literal hell you’d probably be going door to door trying to keep people form going there).  Of course compartmentalization is extremely useful other places, like giving you the ability to keep your work life separate from your home life.  Also having the ability to check your brain at the door (which you need to do in a lot of church services) serves one well in other situations where it would come in handy, like a board meeting where those higher up are presenting idiotic ideas.

A mark of a Christian man is getting along with other Christian men.  It takes a special set of social skills and attributes to get included in Christian culture and these same things are also in demand in the corporate world.  Things like having a car (because churches are usually only reachable by car), cultivating wide-breadth social networks, looking clean-cut, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and being opportunistic and passive-aggressive are all skills one needs to function in the corporate world.