navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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BACKSPACE [poetry]

I have started reading my poetry aloud at an open mic down by the bus station.  I’ve been writing poetry since 1997 so I figure by now I should try reading it.

saying “human reason is bent”
so we can’t use it to argue the faith
is like writing “math is wrong”
as an an answer to a calculus problem

when you’re bipolar
being outside of your head
is preferable
to being inside of it

negative symptoms hollow you out
your inner light might shine
but you’ve been gutted!

hear your wound?
that’s the sound of the self escaping into thin air
like a plume of ice emptying into space
on some distant moon (Triton perhaps)
(and they say pain makes you grow)
yes, scars look tough but they’re not really skin
and on the self
they are always in the wrong place, like the face
they’re ugly but serve a purpose
they keep the rest of the self from escaping