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Attitude is a Loss

The further one is away from privilege the less effect what’s in their head has on how successful they become.  This is because attitude is like a product key and privilege is like having the entire piece of 50 Gigabyte software already downloaded (as to lack of privilege which is like having to download it using dial-up).  With privilege you’re sitting on a gold mine, you just have to flip the switch to make it operational.  Not to say that being successful is easy even for privileged people, just that their efforts (like at their full time decently paid employment, marriage-bound relationships, fancy degrees) are credited as effort by those around them.  Someone with a disability that is volunteering some, fighting depression, and going to the gym twice a week to stem their dwindling leg muscle mass is probably putting forth just as much effort as the first person but society does not see it as effort because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the protestant work ethic where socially sanctioned evidence of gain must be seen.  Just keeping one’s head above water is almost a mark of shame in this society.

When you are far from privilege the attitude of those in power over you is what is most important (attitude basically becomes a coefficient of how much power you have).  If they treat you well and pay you justly, your life will go well.  If they don’t, it won’t.  In Old Testament times there were good kings and bad kings and the subjects kind of just fell in line behind them.  It’s only been a recent phenomenon to even have a second thought about the attitudes and feelings of those without power.  Nobody since the dawn of time has ever cared how those far from power felt or thought, it’s just that now we have the social sciences to thank for forcing us to pretend they matter.  Nobody in any position of power gives a shit about how you feel.  They never did and they never will.  Don’t expect apologies from any of the forces that bilked you into believing that they did.