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Advent Prayer

My dad is a pastor.  Here is an advent prayer he did last December.

As we begin our time of Advent this year, Lord, we acknowledge that we, and our neighbors, long for You.  OK, some among us do not yet believe you exist.  But most all of us, in our “seeing” moments, realize that we are “stuck up in here!”  We need a way out.  We need rescue.  Frankly, we could use a Savior.

How stuck are we?  Some of our community are stuck in jail, some are stuck in depression or addiction, some are stuck on what could have been – would have been – should have been.  Some wonder why on earth their loved one died.

Some of us are stuck on our facebook page, some on our financial situation, some are wondering if anyone likes them.

We need You to pull us out, Lord – to save us – to  begin painting new pictures next to and over our old ones.  We need You to help us see what it is that we are actually looking at…  actually Looking for…

In Your name we ask for help, Jesus.

Open the eyes of our hearts.