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about myself

The therapeutic-industrial complex expects me to believe that what I think about myself has a drastic impact on what others think of me.  The reasoning goes that when I looked better and the fact that I was broke mattered a lot less it was because of my self-confidence that people treated me better… instead of the obvious that I was treated better because I had more to offer.  This theory can be tested because I’ve been manic (and thus self-confident) since being broke and looking like a retard..  and people didn’t treat me any better.  Of course this didn’t fit with the dominant narrative so was dismissed.

I think there is this whole culture of deception where if you think good things about yourself you can get others to believe you have more to offer than you really do.  Thing is, it only really works when you’re young because as you get older the thing that gives you value as a guy (money) becomes more important.  You can’t fake a W2.