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One of the things I have been doing in the last ten years of my life is trying to visualize the Trinity.  It has been a costly journey and I still do not have anything that nails it down, but I try.

There was also something here about the body and the blood (yellow like a Lego man and red) and fire (because of the color) and water (because of the semi transparency).  And maybe even the sun at sunset.


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  1. Avatar Arcblade
    Arcblade says:

    I don’t have a really good visual, precisely. But try an auditory example. In music, there’s a thing called a chord. It’s a set of three or more notes that are heard simultaneously. So take a triad, or a 3 note chord. Three distinct, separate notes, but all together, the chord. Each note is valid and exists by itself, but can’t be called a chord without the other two.

    The church likes to bandy triangles around, also. An equilateral triangle, God the Father at the top, Jesus the Son on one side, the Holy Spirit on the last side. All vertices, points, and sides are equal, and all together they form the triangle. A sadly colorless example. I rather like yours.