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men, Christianity, and money

There is really no non-chauvinistic way to put this.  Modern Christianity in America (especially evangelicalism and Mormonism) is geared toward women (that’s why they make up almost two thirds of some churches).  And I (as well as many very Christian people) think what we have now in the faith is entitlement and consumerism with a cushy afterlife.  And I think almost all women are more than happy with it being this way.  It effectively pre-screens men for them.  The men who are too poor and/or eccentric are preemptively weeded out.  Even the stragglers in the faith aren’t considered being “Good with God” because they aren’t wealthy and settled down.  It makes sense that men would be the ones with a vested interest in weeding American Christianity of some of its consumeristic elements because we are the ones who lose out.  We are the ones looked upon as a balance sheets.  Women are objectified less in the Christian world than in the secular world but men are objectified equally in both.  And then people wonder why there aren’t any “good Christian men” out there.

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