navigating a world which feels like gravity is working in reverse

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(Saw this on Pinterest and loved it)

One thing you must understand about yourself is existence is a liability, not an asset.  The more violently and specifically you impose yourself on others’ senses, the less grace you will be shown.  Why do billions of people think God is great but ignore or even despise their neighbor.  It’s because the former doesn’t seem to exist (at least not to the point where its existence becomes a liability) where the latter does.

Stories were made for man, not the other way around.  Christianity introduced a story and then challenged you to get yourself on the right side of said story (so you went to the afterlife with better climate control).  Now modern America is post-Christian but the idea that one is either on the right or wrong side of a story has persisted.  It’s just that now it’s advertisers who present a story and challenge you to which side of it you want to be on.  If your American Dream has devolved into a nightmare you are invisible at best but sometimes scorned.

I think if God did speak in a way that was beyond a reasonable doubt less people would love him, not more.  This is because he’d probably hit a lot of people’s pain points.  People are a lot more comfortable with the idea of God than God himself.